The Spiritual Gems of Judaism and Sikhism

A Comparative Study of the Oldest to the Youngest Religion

The Spiritual Gems is the comparative study of Judaism & Sikhism. Each topic of discussion of both religions has been taken on two pages. Left hand side of the page has been dedicated to Judaism and the right hand side of the page has been dedicated to Sikhism.

Section 1 covers the understanding of God. Who God is? presence of God, perfection of God, power of God and similar chapters.

Section 2 talks about how to make changes in your life. Chapters are written about the creation of universe, purpose of life, self-purification, discipline, compassion, humility and patience etc.

Section 3 covers the tug of war that goes in our minds at all times. This is war between marriage & divorce, between life & Death, between heaven & hell, between contentment & greed and between optimism & pessimism and many other interesting opposites.

Section 4 talks about the topics which become hurdles in our lives. Chapters have been written on Bribery, Corruption, deceit, vendetta, sin, addictions, hypocrisy, ego, and anger etc.

The last 6 pages of the book have been dedicated to a synopsis of commonalities & differences between the two religions. It is amazing to see the similarities in the oldest and youngest religion.

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