The Power of Prayer and 10 World Religions

Perhaps like many of you, I did not find much time for prayer in my life, nor did I think there was a reason to look for more time.

But all of that changed for me when the powers of prayer became evident through miracles that were brought about in my own life.

As a result, I became not just an ardent believer in prayer, but a student of its various manifestations.

The Power of Prayer and 10 World Religions, I begin with a thorough examination of prayer, from its basics to its methodology, from the reasons for prayer to the benefits that are sure to result.

But I do not simply analyze prayer in general terms. Rather, I look carefully at the role that prayer plays in ten major faiths:

Bahai’, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native American religions, Sikhism and Universal Universalists.

In all cases there are both similarities and differences.

In addition, I write about the importance of prayer in such facets of life as gender equality, asceticism and celibacy, dietary restrictions, clothing restrictions, singing and dancing and belief in heaven and hell.

I think of The Power of Prayer and 10 World Religions as a kind of guidebook, and that the destination is one we all seek, regardless of our beliefs: true inner peace.

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