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It is hard to believe, but 95 percent of the people who trade options lose money more often than they make money. Here is an easy way to make money. Do opposite to what 95% of the people do for trading options. This is what this book is about.

One of the main reasons why people lose money is that they get their advice from advisers who are ill-informed.

They are like swimming instructors who teach people how to swim without ever going in the water themselves.

In my case, I can honestly state that I have jumped into the very deep waters, having traded more than $100 million in the stock market, and trying out all kinds of option strategies in options market before I found ones which should be good.

Acquiring this knowledge cost me millions. I offer it to you for the mere cost of the book.

In my trading, I have been shocked to discover that most brokerage houses discourage people from trading options, even though in many cases

option-trading is safer than direct stock purchase. It is of course not true of all cases.

IIn this book I have analyzed 28 different options strategies including options spreads, options straddles, options strangles, butterfly spreads, and future options as they apply to call options and put options.

They are so good, I believe, that if it takes you more than half an hour a day to trade options profitably, you should stop doing it and instead gamble in a casino.

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