Rich Immigrant Poor Citizen

Immigrants Teach Children What Citizens Don't

I am a firm believer that immigrants have made the United States a stronger country, and that we have done so through the values and discipline instilled in us by our parents and our various cultural standards.

It is for this reason that I tell the stories of the children of immigrants who have studied at America’s most prestigious universities, and learnt to lead a very successful life.

The percentage of immigrant children attending Ivy League universities is much higher than the percentage of children whose parents were born in the United States.

When these children graduate, they often go on to careers that are rewarding to them not only financially but in other, more personal ways.

Understanding what motivates these young men and women, what sets them apart from others whose achievements are not as great, can be of great benefit to everyone who reads about them, as well as to Americans as a whole.

This book is a must read for the parents who want their children to succeed and for the youngsters who have a desire to be extremely successful in life. There is so much to be learnt from the cultural background of each other..

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