Dr. Harsimran Singh Story

It all began with a feeling of guilt.

Why should God's house of worship be smaller than the house of some of his devotees? When I moved to Long Island, I used to visit the Sikh Temple in Plainview, NY. Having one small temple for the entire Sikh community living on Long Island bothered me!

I signed a contract to buy one of the largest Sikh temples in America. I did this in my own name, after everyone else walked out on me. I later transferred ownership to the Sikh community. The temple is spread over a sprawling 15 acres, with buildings covering over 30,000 sq. ft. It is located at 100 Lattingtown Road, Glen Cove, NY.

How was it possible to buy this temple for a total of $1.2 million, when it had a mortgage lien of $8.2 million? That was the first question from everyone I met. So, to answer them, I wrote two books, 26 Steps to Spiritual & Financial Riches-How Spirituality Led to a $7 Million Gain and A to Z of Foreclosures: Real Estate Worth Millions Acquired With $101.

I was very thankful to God for choosing me as an instrument to make my community richer by millions of dollars.

The above successes gave rise to another feeling of guilt.

Why should the teachings of Gurus be confined within the four walls of the temple? To answer this I wrote the book The Divine Truth: It explores Spirituality in Sikhism. My Christian friends and associates were inspired and asked me to write a book that spoke to their faith. I wrote, The Spiritual Power: A Gift of Christianity and Sikhism. I followed that with a book addressing my Jewish friends and associates’ beliefs, The Spiritual Gems of Judaism and Sikhism: A Comparative Study of the Oldest to the Youngest Religion. It was quite a challenge as no one in the entire history of Christianity and Judaism had ever attempted to write on the spiritual aspects of these religions. I received tremendous recognition and honor for this achievement.

From my extensive studies of different religions, I found that God is a symbol of truth and love. I wanted to convey his universal message of peace, love, and harmony, and to show the similarity of different religions, I was inspired to write the book The Power of Prayer & Ten World Religions.

The positive feedback I got from these books about religions, and the success of my real estate books, motivated me to write more business books. Stock Options: Work 1/2 Hour a Day, shares my experiences trading over $100 million in my personal account. When I looked around the country, I often asked myself, “Why do so many stories of academic and professional accomplishment involve individuals from minority populations?” This question inspired me to write: How 12 Immigrants Made Billions- 12 Keys to Success. I realized each immigrant’s story had something in common with mine—we all started with very little money, hardly enough to buy a cup of coffee, or for a bus ride, but we were able to achieve great success. We all shared a mindset, key qualities that helped us persevere and achieve, where others could not. Was it culture, religion, positive thinking, commitment or something more? That prompted me to write the book Rich Immigrant Poor Citizen-Immigrants Teach their Children What Citizens Don't.

After writing all these books, there was still something missing! What was the cause of the guilt in my mind at all times? I needed to help those who had hardly any money and had a desire to be financially successful. I wanted to help those who were in financial situation like I was when I migrated to the United States with a total of $8 in my pocket.

I began investigating network marketing when I met Michael and Patrick Maser, two brothers and businessmen who were making upwards of $250,000 a month in network marketing! After a lot of research, I thought of writing a book on Network Marketing, which could help almost anyone, with or without much money. So I wrote my newest book We Create Millionaires-20 Steps to Network Marketing. It details a business path that requires little investment, education or talent. In other words anyone can master it and find success. It provides the tools and instructions to help YOU make BIG money as residual income through network marketing—the business of the 21st century. This book is written to help even those who already have a lot of money and want to multiply their money.

I hope the story of my life will touch your heart and lead you to success in family, spiritual, financial and every other sphere of your life.

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