How 12 Immigrants Made Billions

12 Keys to Success

These are success stories unlike any you have ever read before, stories of people who arrived in America with almost nothing but desire and the ability to think positively.

And all were hindered by being from another country, strangers to the United States. A couple of them hardly had enough money for a cup of coffee and could hardly speak the language or understand the customs of our new land. Yet each, in time, became a billionaire.

And each story represents one of the 12 keys to success, every one of which is a powerful and uplifting message that will transform your life, whether your goals are spiritual, personal, financial or some combination of the preceding.

Some of the keys are simple: the power of persistence. Some are more abstract: the ability to think big. All are truly important, truly meaningful and truly necessary for a person to fulfill his God-given potential.

In How 12 Immigrants Made Billions: 12 Keys to Success, I offer a banquet of experience, the individual ingredients of which will enable you not only to recognize opportunity when it knocks, but to ensure that you are ready to open the door, invite it in, and take full advantage of its presence.

How 12 Immigrants Made Billions: 12 Keys to Success is a book containing lessons so important that your heart will pound in excitement at the prospect of what each coming day can bring.

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