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20 Steps to Networking Marketing

This book is an attempt to educate readers about network marketing—an upcoming business of the 21st century. To be successful in it does not take any prior experience, much money or any risk.

This book is written in two parts.

Part 1 is devoted to personal development. This book is designed to help you learn how to be successful in every sphere of life. This part covers practical lessons from author's life and what he learnt from the lives of 12 immigrants who made billions starting from almost nothing. It is designed to completely transform your thought process. After all, it is the thought from where it all begins.

Part 2 is designed to show you a practical way to utilize the lessons in Part 1 through network marketing and potentially make millions, as others have.

This part thoroughly details exactly what network marketing is, offers insights and key strategies and shows how you can use this approach to make your dreams come true.

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