The Spiritual Power

A Gift of Christianity & Sikhism

I believe that many of those who think of Christianity & Sikhism think of them as totally different---in fact, irreconcilable---faiths.

I wrote The Spiritual Power: A Gift of Christianity & Sikhism so that people could inform themselves-first-hand about the two faiths, and thereby enlighten their understanding of one by learning more about the other.

The pages on the left side of the book are devoted to Christianity, those on the right to Sikhism.

Thus the two religions are laid out side by side as they consider such crucial topics as the nature of God, the purpose of life, and the enrichment provided by a happy and purposeful marriage, among many other important topics.

I have concluded the book by comparing and contrasting the two faiths.

By the time you, the reader, have arrived at these pages and read them, you will, I trust, feel that Christianity and Sikhism are both gifts, both forms of the spiritual power without which none of us can live truly fulfilling lives.

I am thankful to Almighty God that He gave me the honor of being the first author who wrote a book on the spiritual aspects of Christianity in its 2000 years history.

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