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Harsimran Singh, Ph.D.'s life is all about giving and educating. He made tens of millions through different enterprises. Most importantly, he helped others make millions too. He is the first author in history to write books on the following topics to lead people to success in every field of life:
  • He wrote a book on Stock Options, after receiving his Ph.D. in Business Economics from a California University based on his research on Stock Options Trading Strategies.All subscribers can download this book for FREE from the website He is now attempting to write the book,"100 NEW MILLIONAIRES-100 Success stories of Stock Option Traders".

  • 1st to write a book on Real Estate Foreclosures that includes the real addresses of multiple properties worth millions that he acquired with zero money down. The book provides readers with 13 practical techniques they may use themselves.

  • 1st to analyze in detail the mindset of immigrants who made billions, having started with almost nothing but a positive attitude.

  • 1st to write in 2000 years about the spiritual aspects of Christianity & Judaism and their comparison to Sikhism and 10 world religions.


Dr. Singh's 18th Upcoming Book

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